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Asphalt Repairs Long-Term

What to Look For

Network or “alligator” cracking is usually a sign that the base under this area can no longer support the traffic it receives. These areas will be repaired with full depth asphalt.

The depth of the repair is dependent on the amount of traffic expected and the condition of the subgrade. Assuming the subgrade is strong, we recommend the following depths for asphalt repairs:

  • 4” depth for car traffic
  • 6” depth for occasional truck traffic (1-3 per week)
  • 8” depth for medium truck use and areas approaching dumpster enclosures
  • 10-12” depth for heavy industrial uses

Signs that YOU need Long Term Asphalt Repairs

  • Color of asphalt has faded
  • Rough surfaces/aggregate is visible
  • White spots in asphalt indicating an underground water issue
  • Severely network cracked areas
  • Asphalt rutting, especially in the garbage truck route to the dumpster enclosure

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