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Concrete Flatwork & Curb/Gutter Repairs

Is it Time to Repair your Concrete?

Concrete is a strong, durable material most commonly used to create curb/gutters, sidewalks, dumpster and loading pads in parking lots. While concrete is extremely resilient, it’s still susceptible to damage due to the elements and heavy vehicle traffic.

If your concrete is damaged, uneven or spalling, you may be jeopardizing the safety of your tenants/customers which in turn puts you at risk of liability.

Not only is the safety of your property important, but the overall appearance will help uphold your investment if maintained properly.

Evidence that it’s time to repair your concrete include:

  • Trip hazards in your sidewalks
  • Broken and uneven curb/gutters due to tree root intrusions
  • Broken dumpster pads or loading dock areas due to heavy truck traffic
  • Pools of standing water – water may seep through cracked or broken concrete which may damage the subgrade not only under your concrete, but under your asphalt as well

We Are Concrete Experts

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