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Full Depth Reclamation

An Environmental & Budget Friendly Approach

Oftentimes we’re asked to help revitalize asphalt parking lots in various stages of disrepair or have reached the end of their service life. These lots must either be completely removed and replaced, which is very expensive and wasteful, or they can be recycled using full depth reclamation (F.D.R.), an environmentally friendly approach to revitalizing your parking lot.

Our state-of-the-art asphalt reclamation equipment (see video below) grinds up the existing surface to a depth of 6 to 12 inches. A new base is created re-using those same materials, resulting in an appearance much like a standard crushed aggregate base course (also known as CABC). 

The reclaimed material from the existing asphalt is treated with cement or lime which becomes the new base, then a new layer of asphalt is installed. In our professional opinion, if your budget allows, this is by far the best solution to repair areas of neglected and/or failed asphalt pavement and is far more economical than removing and replacing the structure. 

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A Faster and More Efficient Process

In 2018 Carolina Asphalt added a Challenger MT665D Tractor and an FAE MTM-225 Shredder (see video above) to our IN-HOUSE paving equipment inventory to better serve our Full Depth Reclamation clients. Weighing in at a healthy 18.85 TONS this new member of our family will allow us to complete Full Depth Reclamation projects faster and more cost effectively saving you TIME & MONEY.

The Benefits of Full Depth Reclamation Asphalt Paving

According to a 2017 Technical Report from the National Concrete Pavement Technology Center, Full-Depth Reclamation has numerous benefits, including the following:

•    Cost-effectiveness
•    Increased structural capacity
•    Increased durability (compared to granular base materials)
•    Shortened construction schedule and improved staging
•    Early opening to traffic
•    Reduced impacts on the community during construction
•    Reduced carbon footprint

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