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Pavement Seminars

We offer pavement seminars as a service to property and facility managers to help increase their knowledge of pavement design, construction, maintenance, repair, and rehabilitation. The material presented references conditions in the Carolinas, but with minor modifications, it can be useful in other parts of the country as well.

We offer these seminars to educate the property manager so he/she can be better prepared in meeting with an estimator regarding their pavement. Any in-depth knowledge the property manager can obtain before meeting with an estimator can lead to better, more specific questions which in turn leads to a proposal which best suits the needs of the property manager.

The more a property manager knows about pavement systems, the more efficient time spent with a paving estimator will be. The property manager and the estimator can quickly agree on a specification for the project and develop a clear scope of work.





  • BOMA Carolinas-West Virginia
  • IREM NC (Chapter 40 – Western NC)
  • North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors
  • South Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors
  • The Pavement Network
  • ALS Knights
  • ALS Knights, ALS One
  • Virginia Licensing Board for General Contractors
  • Georgia Licensing Board for General Contractors